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Thumb original five signs its time for mobile workspace delivery
Anbieter: Citrix Systems International GmbH
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Datum: 14.11.2017

Five Signs It’s Time for Mobile Workspace Delivery

Virtualization helped you address key priorities including secure remote access to network resources from laptops and home PCs while helping IT become more efficient and agile. Now times have changed. Workers use more devices and demand is intensifying for anytime, anywhere access to business apps and data. C-level executives need the business to be more productive—and that means workers who are mobile, secure and efficient. Can you enable full productivity on any type of device? Are consumer-grade mobile apps and file sharing services poking holes in your security posture when users are mobile? Are multiple vendors causing headaches when you patch together solutions for app delivery, data, mobility and networking? If you can’t provide the mobility, flexibility and seamless experience users have come to expect, it’s time to update your strategy for the way people work today.

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