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С точки зрения хранения данных все ИТ-стимуляторы -облачные вычисления, аналитика в реальном времени, мобильная электронная коммерция и взаимодействие в социальных средах в крупных масштабах -имеют...
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Why SDS? SDS is key to deploying a hybrid cloud for metered, on-demand consumption of private/public cloud resources. Enterprises generally have a positive awareness and acceptance of SDS.
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Businesses are betting their futures on data. More specifically, they are investing in solutions that leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to gain market insights, introduce proc...
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For hospitals and medical research institutes, the ability to interpret genomics data and identify relevant therapies is key to provide better patient care through personalized medicine. Many such ...
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The media industry is in the midst of major disruption. The way content is generated, distributed, and consumed is rapidly changing, as television and linear broadcasts give way to on-demand, devic...
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The digital enterprise has resulted in an explosion of data, and data volumes are expected to grow in zettabyte scale in the next few years. This explosive growth is largely fueled by unstructured ...
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IDC believes that software-defined storage (SDS) continues to transform IT deployment and consumption of storage resources. For enterprises, SDS is really an on-ramp to deploying a hybrid cloud — o...
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Founded in 1987, Blue Chip is a leading provider of managed hosting and co-located hosting services, hybrid cloud solutions, IT maintenance and monitoring services, and business continuity solution...
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Unstructured data has exploded in volume over the past decade. Unstructured data, media files and other data can be created just about anywhere on the planet using almost any smart device available...
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Características destacadas ● Elimine los problemas que plantea el aumento de los datos y a la vez reduzca sus costos de almacenamiento ● Combine IBM® Spectrum Scale™, IBM Cloud Object Storage S...
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