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Date: 04.07.2024

CoreWeave Achieves Rapid Time to Revenue by Deploying High-Density Colocation on PlatformDIGITAL®

Fast-Tracking AI Deployment: CoreWeave and Digital Realty's Success Story

This case study delves into CoreWeave's strategic collaboration with Digital Realty to overcome the significant challenges in deploying a high-density, high-capacity generative AI training infrastructure. CoreWeave, at the forefront of cloud computing for AI applications, faced the daunting task of establishing a data center on the West Coast capable of managing tens of thousands of GPUs within a single InfiniBand fabric.

Digital Realty's PlatformDIGITAL® provided the perfect solution with its ready-to-deploy facility and expert design services, ensuring rapid deployment and high performance. The partnership halved the expected deployment time to 18 months, enabling CoreWeave to achieve faster time to revenue and enhance customer service. This case study is a compelling read for anyone interested in the innovative solutions driving AI advancements. Access the full document to explore how strategic partnerships and cutting-edge data center solutions are paving the way for the future of AI technology.
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