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Client: IBM Schweiz
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Date: 24.10.2017

LinuxONE — Driving Next-Generation Application Development on Scalable Infrastructure Built for Open Source

Today's digital transformation is about far more than a new architecture or a new application; it is a fundamental reshaping of applications in terms of how they are written, packaged, managed, and life cycled; the runtime environment where they are deployed; and the infrastructure on which they are hosted. These modern or next-generation applications (NGAs) will not necessarily replace existing (2nd Platform) applications in use today, but they are critical to addressing the four pillars of change impacting the industry — social, big data and analytics, mobility, and cloud computing.

A key underpinning to supporting NGAs is the emergence of open source application development tools and platform-agnostic runtime environments, which are dramatically reducing or eliminating proprietary hardware dependencies. This evolution, when combined with the increasingly urgent need to build new applications that are intended to support customer interactions originating from mobile devices, data streams from the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT), and the business intelligence, cognitive processing, and decision support associated with big data, means dramatic disruption.

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