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PURPOSE AND KEY FINDINGS - What is the business value of Juniper Networks' solutions? - Is networking a cost or an enabler? - How does the network affect business productivity?
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This IDC White Paper sets out a business value assessment of Juniper Networks’ portfolio in IP networking (Ethernet switches and routers) and security (firewalls and other security appliances) in t...
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The latest industry research from IDG reveals that a majority of IT decision makers are labouring under false perceptions about the severity of DDoS attacks. For example, if the network isn’t down,...
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Multi-vector DDoS attacks are overwhelming traditional security solutions and as a result, existing DDoS defense strategies must be re-evaluated. New DDoS solutions require horsepower and capabilit...
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DDoS attacks have evolved into sophisticated multi-vector attacks at the network and application layers that can deplete resources very quickly and generate major service outages. Any enterprise an...
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Thumb original 7 reasons why micro segmentation is powerful to have and painless to add   en
This brief explains why it's time to take the next step toward the software-defined data center, and apply network virtualization and micro-segmentation to the network. It empowers infrastructure a...
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Thumb original why businesses are adopting network virtualization   en
Networking virtualization is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It can benefit different enterprises with dfferent needs, or it can beget a host of benefits for any one enterprise. Pick your pur...
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Because physical devices lack the flexibility, scalability and economics that IT needs to support LOB demands, network virtualization is becoming mission-critical for enterprises. This white pap...
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Analyst firm IDC predicts that by 2020 30% of the top firms in every business sector will not exist, as we know them today. Firms have been reacting to these predictions for about the last 18 month...
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Come migliorare la produttività e generare valore con le comunicazioni basate sul cloud La gestione dell'esperienza dell’utente e i vantaggi derivanti dall'implementazione della comunicazione u...
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