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Cliente: Kaspersky Lab Singapore Pte Ltd
Formato: Whitepaper
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Lingua: Inglese
Data: 13.10.2023

Fighting ransomware and other cryptors on workstations and servers.

No Stone Unturned.

Crypto malware is one of the most dangerous types of malwares, capable of causing considerable damage to businesses of every size through denial of access to working data.

Crypto ransomware has become a very popular form of attack over the last few years. Attackers don’t even have to bother stealing and selling the data that your business relies on – they just encrypt it and demand a ransom from you.

Crypto malware has evolved, paving the way for highly sophisticated, targeted blackmailing operations. Recognizing the destructive potential of crypto, cybercriminals started to experiment, creating full-disk crypto (like ExPetr), worm-like self-propagating strains (such as WannaCry) and many newer crypto.

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