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Thumb architectures for implementing a hardware in the loop system
You can test embedded control systems more efficiently with the powerful method of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. Safety, availability, or cost considerations can make it impractical to per...
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Thumb 5g new radio wp
To understand the three broad use cases that 5G wireless technology seeks to transform, consider a typical morning office commute in a 5G-connected car just a few years down the road. The vehicle i...
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Thumb hardware in the loop testing for power electronics systems
Embedded control system developers and test engineers face new challenges with the growing adoption of electric motors in the automotive industry and in green energy applications. Electric motor si...
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Thumb idg   the strategic cio playbook
CIOs aspire to create the “perfect” IT environment to drive business growth. But every environment is unique. True digital transformation requires a Hybrid IT model that blends on-premises system...
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Thumb forrester hybrid it insights
IT leaders desperately need to innovate their infrastructure and operations practices to remain competitive in the age of the customer. While public cloud offers benefits of speed and scale, leader...
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Thumb synergy for dummies
In this 72‐page book, we explain what makes HPE Synergy tick. After reading this book, you’ll know what comprises an HPE Synergy environment, how it all fits together, and how it integrates with yo...
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Thumb 2018 tata communications americas networks brochure
To be as agile and adaptable as you can, you need an infrastructure that’s unmatched in both strength and scale. You need reliable, always-on access to data. And the ability to communicate and coll...
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Thumb dell 5070 infographic
Introducing Dell's Wyse 5070 – the most versatile, scalable and capable thin client ever positioned for the mid-range – setting the new standard for price/performance. The performance scalability o...
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Thumb dell infographic why refresh
Over the last five years, thin client technology has transformed. See how the new generation of Dell's Wyse thin clients can power your organization – through reduced costs, improved security, simp...
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Wyse5070 jeffmcnaught
See Dell's Jeff McNaught, VP of Marketing & Chief Strategy Officer for Cloud Client Computing at Dell Corporation, talk about a new generation of Wyse thin client – the Dell Wyse 5070.
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