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Thumb original idc business value report
The travel and expense paradigm, as we knew it, is being forced to change as it is beset with global socio-economic uncertainty and dramatic business model changes, including growth in digital-firs...
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Thumb original best in class
Save time and money by leveraging the spend data provided by finance automation. In fact, best-in-class users of digital expense and invoice management technology were 18% to 34% more likely to ...
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Thumb original 20230109 auvesy
Von Krisen, statistischen Fakten und den richtigen Gegenmaßnahmen. Spannende Einblicke aus führenden Studien Fatalismus steht für eine Weltanschauung, nach der Entwicklungen und Veränderungen v...
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Tapping into your employees’ inherent creativity encourages a way of thinking and working that will improve your organisation’s problem-solving abilities. It will also energise your people, process...
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Thumb original adobe cc lib 2019 report fd1
Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries: Boosting Productivity for Creative Teams shows the performance and productivity gains teams can achieve when they share assets and settings using Libraries as oppose...
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Thumb original blancco servicenow infographic
Every year, millions of IT devices—many of which are still perfectly usable—end up in landfills across the globe. Read this infographic to learn how your company can tackle global e-waste and ma...
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Conersational ms365 recovery best practices   en
Recoverability isn’t a given with Microsoft 365. The fact that organizations need to back up their Microsoft 365 deployments has been well established. As important as backups might be, however, th...
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7 critical reasons for ms365 backup
You have 7 critical reasons to protect your Microsoft 365 data. This 5-minute easy-to-read document helps you convince your managers and peers that your organization needs Microsoft 365 data protec...
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Mircosoft 365 for dummies
Get this easy-to-read e-book For Dummies, and learn how to best backup and protect your Microsoft 365 data. It’s your data, it’s your responsibility to protect it!
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5 motivi per cambiare
La maggior parte delle soluzioni di backup tradizionali attualmente sul mercato non sono molto valide. Le problematiche includono la mancanza di tempo, risorse ed energie da parte degli amministrat...
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