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Thumb ps mercedes unfair advantage 2017
A story of revolutionary technology empowerment in motorsport. Today, every kind of motorsport organisation, from karting clubs that hothouse the next generation of world-class drivers to Formul...
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IBM has extended its footprint with a long-term managed services provider (MSP) client, through a software-defined storage deal worth £1 million in bookable revenue. The leading UK MSP provides clo...
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Thumb systems hardware tivoli ti analyst paper or report til14090usen 20171116
Abdicating your company’s data protection responsibilities to the first cloud solution provider you encounter is just as unwise as doing nothing at all to leverage the cloud. On the other hand, it ...
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Thumb tsw03544gben 2
In May 2016, the European Parliament published the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679, which is compulsory in each member state starting 25 May 2018. It replaces the data protection dir...
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Thumb 10 reasons to partner with dell emc for ws 16
While it’s too soon in the product’s lifecycle to look at meaningful market share statistics, the early returns are compelling: As of March 2017, more than 80,000 websites were already being served...
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Thumb 14gsvr 3rd sql2016 en dir
Optimizing the deployment of “analytics-ready” infrastructure. A fundamental change is afoot in how organizations operate and what drives success. Business analytics tools, and the ability to us...
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Thumb automic workload automation
Intelligent Automation for the Modern Digital Enterprise.
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Thumb wp idc business automation in complex sap environments en
Many large enterprises have invested heavily in automating their business processes in complex IT environments revolving around an SAP ERP system. However, as they transform their businesses into d...
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Thumb rfic white paper series part 1
The power amplifier (PA) is one of the most integral RF integrated circuits (RFICs) in the modern radio. Whether it is a discrete component or part of an integrated front end module (FEM), the PA c...
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Thumb poweredge fx2 vsan dpack whitepaper
Growing businesses must add users and applications out of necessity. Legacy servers and storage can’t always support these additions. Your business can expand its datacenter with repurposed hardwar...
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