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Every decade or so, we’ve seen the technology market undergo major shifts. Over the past few decades, those shifts have been driven by mobility and the cloud. Now we’re entering the next big shift:...
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Until recently, troubleshooting network issues or planning an update meant huddling in a conference room or helping users in person. Now most IT teams are working remotely, and they’re having to so...
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As enterprises look towards the challenges of a post-pandemic world, one thing is widely acknowledged. The return to work will not mean a return to normal. After months in which the nature of how w...
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As the volume of network data explodes it must be processed, stored and analyzed nearer its source – at the Edge. What do IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) think of this change, and how are they preparing?
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Thumb original 5 biggest wfh challenges   eng
All of a sudden, you (and everyone else) found yourself working from home (WFH). The one advantage was the lack of a soul-crushing commute. Unfortunately, many of your co-workers had never really s...
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Today’s customers expect unified, omnichannel buying experiences, to easily make orders, and to have them delivered quickly. However, achieving the perfect order requires frictionless planning acro...
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Creating omnichannel experiences is one of the top priorities for many businesses. For example, 79% of retail and brand professionals surveyed had implemented or planned to implement “buy online, p...
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I responsabili delle decisioni IT devono ricercare soluzioni valide da implementare in modo rapido ed efficiente per risolvere i problemi specifici della propria azienda. Garantire che la sicurezza...
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Thumb original workforce experience report
To compete in the digital era, organisations require a skilled and highly productive workforce, empowered by the right technology. Technology decision-makers must match highly functional technolog...
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The way products and services are consumed is changing fast, and there is a huge shift away from owning things to paying a fixed monthly fee for using what you need. This spans everything, from the...
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