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Most companies would love to move enterprise applications to the public cloud and cut the costs, complexities, and limitations of current infrastructure. Now there’s an innovative new way to mov...
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73 destinations in 39 countries around the world. How does Swiss International Airlines manage worldwide bank accounts efficiently? Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. (SWISS) has 250 employees w...
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Las organizaciones de TI actuales se enfrentan a una nueva realidad: todas las partes que integran el ecosistema digital están conectadas. Son esenciales para el éxito de la empresa, y responsabl...
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Advances in technology have empowered your employees and customers alike to access and use information easier, faster and more reliably than ever before – sparking initiatives such as Bring Your Ow...
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Moving from legacy to cloud infrastructure is a huge win for business, but the process requires a fundamental shift in organizational culture and business processes, both inside and outside IT. In ...
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While it’s too soon in the product’s lifecycle to look at meaningful market share statistics, the early returns are compelling: As of March 2017, more than 80,000 websites were already being served...
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